Monday, January 4, 2010

The city and rail transit

A key issue for followers of the bridge debate is the necessity of bringing the E&N rail into downtown. Aboslutely for the viability and vitality of both tourism related rail services and commuter rail, a downtown station is critical. Accessibility and visibility is key to what makes rail appealing. For Victoria, bringing rail across the bridge is our contribution to a valuable regional transportation option and while we are continuing to seek funding from other regional partners and the provincial government, we must commit to ensuring rail comes downtown.

Downtown rail keeps an important service in the city and preserves options to connect with downtown LRT or streetcar lines that the city and our regional municipal partners are considering.

For much more on the value of commuter rail and other rail based transit services, check out the presentation by Charles Hales, who helped establish Portland's LRT networks and who brought his message to Victoria in 2007 courtesy of Island Transformations.

View the presentation at:

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