Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homes or tent cities

Victoria city council has lately been in the news for our efforts to buy a number of the bankrupt Travellers Inn properties. It's a bold initiative that, if successful, will add to our portfolio of diverse options aimed at housing the homeless and growing the supply of more affordable housing.

Over the last year we have done a lot - projects complete or in progress include a small development to increase and improve secure housing for women in transition, supportive housing for people recovering from alcohol or other substance addictions, non-profit rental housing, a floor of apartments for people with mobility challenges, a secondary suite program, and some below market rental and ownership options. More projects will be on the way.

It's been a deliberate choice and one that might grate on some of those who believe we should be dedicating some of your tax dollars to managing a tent city in one of our parks. I disagree. I think the money is better spent on real housing and I've put up a new piece about the issue on my website at to talk more about it.

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