Friday, October 8, 2010

Low energy housing

Here's a tidbit about "passive housing", a concept in building design that takes advantage of solar, super insulation, appliance generated surplus energy and even body heat to warm and cool a house or a building.

Efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and re-orient our energy consumption to sustainable models are generating innovations in technology and design and this is one of the latest examples.  Click on the title and check out more through the Sightline linked article.

More info on housing, transportation and other urban issues are coming ahead in my blog.  A couple of weeks of conferences in September and a computer meltdown hopefully nearing resolution has put me behind in the news I've been able to share.  There's always lots out there.

And, of course, Victoria's bridge project is in the news with a borrowing referendum pending.  More on the facts and fairy tales coming soon.


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