Friday, April 27, 2012

Next weekend (May 5th, 2012), I'll be leading a Jane's Walk, exploring some features of the downtown walking environment and bringing people to the bridgehead to talk more about how the new bridge will connect back into the city's transportation network, with an emphasis on the walking environment and cycling links from the Galloping Goose.

More to come, but here's the description that will pop up at the central Jane's Walk website soon.

Victoria's new Johnson St. Bridge is a few years away, but planning is well advanced and the city and its citizens are ever watchful.  Road re-alignments and changes to downtown approaches will emerge along with the new bridge.

What will the new walking environment look like?  Downtown Victoria has many features that support walking and invite people to explore some of the unique connections and design elements that create an appealing and supportive pedestrian environment. 

It will be a good start then to re-imagine the bridge connections and new infrastructure that will connect people to the Galloping Goose regional trail that will reach into downtown, the harbour pathway that will eventually connect along the city's waterfront and through the bridge lift mechanism, as well as a new sidewalk to be cantilevered off of the bridge deck, opening up space and providing more comfortable viewpoints form which to enjoy the vibrancy of Victoria's Inner Harbour.

Connecting the bridge, the trails and the pathways into the fabric of the downtown walking environment has been sketched out, but how can we join the conversation to envision how it will present to those on foot and what ideas can we share and offer back to the city to suggest enhancements to the landscape to give more primacy to those on foot,to make it safer, more comfortable and convenient, as well as more inviting as a walking connection or destination.
There are many projects planned along with the bridge and our walk will give us an opportunity to bring more ideas to the table and make sure that the walking environment (and some of the cycling connections) fit seemlessly back into the streetscapes of downtown.

And here's a map of the walk route, planned for 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

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