Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An apology to Ross Crockford

You'll find an apology on my facebook page and some of my recent posts edited.  Ross Crockford, who I targeted in some of my comments, suggested it was unbecoming of an elected official, if not more, and I agree.  So I've removed references to accusations of fraud, which is over the top.  The posts remain, I believe, fair comment.


  1. I am impressed and very glad to see you take this sort of an honourable step.

  2. Maybe not so honourable. While some of the language may have been inappropriate on my part, I still find many of the fictions being promoted by the critics to be deliberately misleading.

    I'm not holding my breath that apologies are forthcoming for the comments made during the counter petition campaign that city staff would find ways to disqualify petition forms and that businesses would somehow be targeted for participation in the campaign. Those were scurrilous, unfounded and were a broad brush attack on council and staff and I'm sure I don't recall a retraction.