Friday, March 19, 2010

Housing Innovations

I'm always keeping my eye out for different ways to approach housing - Victoria's tight market has eased a little and at the city we've invested in hundreds of units of affordable or supportive housing options, as well as provided more incentives for smaller private sector options like secondary suites.

Another initiative is Victoria's tax holiday program for downtown residential that has been helping developers rehab heritage buildings to make them habitable (the program makes the necessary seismic work economically viable). Just as an aside, that's also a little something for those critics who complain about other seismic projects on the premise that downtown will collapse in an earthquake anyway - it won't.

Back to housing and this little nugget from south of the border. Co-housing is a growing movement around the continent and something that fits Victoria's culture. For those interested in the concept, here's a story from Seattle's Publicola news site.

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