Monday, March 8, 2010

Sorry for the gridlock, but . . .

Noticed in the press the other day some major roadworks projects underway around the region. Here's a bit about what's in it for bikes and pedestrians and how I helped to make them happen. While there will be some disruptions, expect some significant improvements when all the work is done.

E&N Rail with Trail project is moving forward. It will provide an off-road trail next to the railway between downtown Victoria and Goldstream Park. While it has a long way to go, some trail work has been done and new bridge projects are now underway. See more info on the project at As an advocate, I've been working on this project for a decade and had to fight hard to ensure funding for the project was in place. I've also been working as a consultant with the engineers who have designed the trail for the CRD. Rail with trail pictures, with external examples, at:

Craigflower Road, Esquimalt. Working with another engineering firm we developed a concept plan for bike lanes, traffic calming and stormwater management designs for this important corridor. Some work has been done between the Victoria border and past Tillicum along the Gorge Vale Golf Course. The new project starting in April will take bike lanes and other elements west to Admirals Road. Lately I've been doing counts to establish some baseline "before" numbers, that are required for funding partners. I also helped Esquimalt develop their successful application for $7 million in federal provinical funding to support the project. Here's more on Esquimalt projects, including others I helped to develop designs for.

Island Highway in View Royal will get a major overhaul that will extend bike lanes up 4 mile hill and work with the new bridge projects for the E&N trail. It's several months of work but will offer benefits for cyclists and pedestrians, and also a safer and more efficient route for drivers. Two way left turns will be part of this project - another one I helped to develop as part of the View Royal Transportation Plan and where I helped develop also their funding applications. $7 million goes into this one. Here's some of the Island Highway:

In Victoria work is moving along on Esquimalt Road, a project we developed through our Cycling Advisory Committee, something I pushed to establish 10 years ago and where I sat as chair for numbers of years. This "road diet" will be completed sometime in April. Here's another Victoria project I worked on that will give you an idea of what Esquimalt Rd. will look like.

See you on the road.

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